INSIDE PHOBIA Chapter 03 - Page 143
Posted 21/05/2018 at 11:44
Uff, this was a difficult page to color. I'm still not convinced, but I have a busy week ahead and I just need to move on. It would be nice to just work on one webcomic and nothing else to have the time to figure out thinks a bit more before I have to post it. I screwed myself over a bit on this one because I wanted the colorscheme to change to yellow midpage, and I didn't know how to do it. Also I'm not happy with how the lines look when I handdraw and scan them. I need to to a little bit more of experimentation on that. I do like the paper structure though.

In other news: I'm constantly trying to kind of adjust my patreon account to my life and I think I've figured out a way how to make it work. I want to use it more as a Blog. The art on there has been public for a while now and I think that is how I want to keep it (You can sign up and follow artists for free there as well). But I want to start writing a bit more about the process and how my work on comics fits into mylife. And maybe even more personal things. There won't be any rewards, just a Tipjar. So if you are interested, go have a look.

See you next week.