INSIDE PHOBIA Chapter 03 - Page 141
Posted 07/05/2018 at 11:00
Hello guys,
I've tried something new. It is not the the papery structured frame, not just.
Recently I find myself not very excited to draw Inside Phobia. That is mostly because I started this story I think three years ago and a lot has changed. My interests, my views on storytelling, character design and my personal views on the world. This story is kind of out of line with all of that right now and I can't wait to start a new one. But we are still at least 150 pages before the end. So I tried going back to traditional drawing. That's right, this page is handdrawn. Well almost, the colors are still digital.

How do you like it?

It's not the best, I know. I've gotten a little rusty and I'm lacking the right fineliners, but I enjoyed this and I'm considering going back to traditional drawing. I found even though digital drawing is more convinient, I loose my patience with it faster.

As always, please vote for Inside Phobia on TopWebComics and tell your friends about the comic.
Also I will be at the Comic-Salon Erlangen this month, selling comics.
Have a good week <3
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