Hello everybody,

I am Akiro Tea, I'm a fulltime animation Student from Berlin, currently working on my Bachelor film.

Drawing comics has always been a hobby of mine until a couple of years ago when I was introduced to Hiveworks and it became sort of my job. I try to do my best with creating Inside Phobia, but I only have time on saturdays to lay out the story and draw new pages as well as fix designs of future characters. Therefore I'm afraid the quality isn't always the best.

I hope after I graduate from University (approximately Juliy 2017) I will find the time and the support to put more effort into this webcomic and update more than once a week, so I can finish Inside Phobia and have it printed. After all I've got plenty more stories to tell.

Thanks for stopping by.

For more up to date infos, visit me on Twitter.


If you are a frequent reader or you like were Inside Phobia is going, please consider a small donation. It'll help me focus on drawing without having to get a dayjob to pay my rent. Any amount will help.

Thank you very much.